Monitoring & Health Checks

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Monitoring and Health Checks
Monitoring and Health Checks Workflow

Assessing all Infrastructure and Applications components for Monitoring and Health Checks.

This process starts with identifying all components (Infrastructure and Applications) whose monitoring is required for technical and business purposes. 

Mapping and Tuning Identified components with projects.

There are various projects supporting product or used in the organization. These projects measurable components are monitored based upon the escalation policies. There are detectors based on pre-defined thresholds.

Defining Criteria's, Logic, and Thresholds.

Monitoring works on identifying various measurement criteria's under defined and accepted policies. The various detectors are made with these policies. These policies are based on measurable logics. Measurable logics are mathematical formula of various KPI's and CPI's defined for different components. Policies are rules formulated to measure specific components.  

Making flow of Monitoring Data Flow considering overall project or specific.

Monitoring data originates from all lower level applications or infrastructure. Originated data flows are categorized and grouped under another layer of tools. Data is aggregated at group level  and aggregated data is routed to intermediaries layers with specific categorized group based on the project modules and functionalities. Finally data is routed to monitoring UI or notification tools.

Identifying Monitoring and Health Checks for Internal and External usages.

There is always requirements of creating separate monitoring system for internal functioning of product or organization and monitoring system for external usage and world. External monitoring system is for customers or clients or external users about the working status of the product or organization.

Identifying Tools / Technologies /Software’s.

Almost all software products or services have out of box feature of emitting data for observability. This data is used for monitoring standalone or combined with other systems to tools for the boarder monitoring. For example AWS Cloud Watch is used for monitoring functioning of all AWS services but outputs of AWS Cloud Watch is further integrated or combined with other product or organization infrastructures or application to make unified monitoring system or systems.

Identifying Out-of-Box monitoring Features.

Almost all software products or services have out of box feature of emitting data for observability. For example There is AWS Cloud Watch or AWS cloud trails for AWS but there are others definitely.

Integrating all and making monitoring & Health Checks working.

Since a product or an organization is built with multiple modules or functionalities. Each module or functionality has its own monitoring feature or system. There is always a requirement to integrate or combine to monitor entire system by using its own developed unified monitoring or by using third party tools or technologies.