Myananta Training FAQ's

1. Course Details

Q. What are the types of courses offered by Myananta Technologies?
Ans. Course Offerings are Big Data Core Training, Big Data Professional Training, Big Data Product Training, and Business Analytics Training.

Q. Who can Attend This Course?
Ans. These courses are designed for any technical professional looking to pursue a career in the Big Data field. 

Q. How many hours per week does the course require?
Ans. Min 10 hours will be required for any five days but it varies with individual.

Q. Which course is for me?
Ans. To determine the most suitable course for you, consider your career goals, level of experience in the Big Data field, and specific areas of interest. Our team is available to guide you in selecting the course that aligns best with your objectives and background

Q. Can I Register Multiple Courses at a time?
Ans. Yes, You can register for multiple courses.

2. Course Material

Q. What is the course content?
Ans. The course content includes the syllabus for each individual course. Please refer to the specific course syllabus for details.

Q. How up to date are the courses and learning materials?
Ans. Our courses are meticulously crafted to ensure they remain current, aligning with the latest industry trends and standards, providing learners with up-to-date materials for optimal skill development.

Q. Will I be provided with any materials?
Ans. Yes, you will have access to study materials, recorded lecture videos, and assignments on our online platform.




3. Training Concept and Detail

Q. What methodologies do you use?
Ans. We follow a structured learning path tailored to each course. Please refer to the individual course syllabus for details.

Q. Do you offer Practice Labs?
Ans. Yes, we offer practice labs and sessions to reinforce learning.

Q. How does the course work?
Ans. Each course includes one-hour classroom or online sessions per day covering course topics, along with follow-up practice sessions.

4. Minimum Skills and Qualification

Q. What are the minimum requirement to learn course ?
Ans. The courses are open to any technical graduates aspiring to work in the Big Data field.

Q. What Skills do I Need?
Ans. Individual should have a basic background in the Big Data ecosystem.




5. Selection Process

Q. What is the selection process and criteria?
Ans. As the courses are technically intensive, we look for individuals with dedication.
The selection process is transparent, and we review applications together.

Q. What are the Technical Requirements?
Ans. Individual with technical education should have understanding about
Big Data ecosystem and programming. 








6. Registration and Fees

Q. What is the Fee structure ?
Ans. The fee structure varies for each course. Please refer to the specific course brochure for detailed pricing information.

Q. Can Anyone register for the course?
Ans. Yes, anyone can register for the course
but please read the individual course brochure.

Q. When does the next application cycle start?
Ans. Our courses class start every first week of the month. 

Q. What can I expect when I register for training?
Ans. Upon registration, you'll receive personalized guidance and support from our dedicated onboarding team, ensuring you have all the necessary information and resources to kickstart your learning journey with confidence.

Q. Who teaches the training classes?
Ans. Our training sessions are conducted by instructors with extensive expertise and experience in their respective fields, ensuring high-quality instruction and mentorship for our learners.

7. Payments & Returns

Q. What types of payment do you accept?
Ans. We accept all type of payments - Card, Internet Banking, and UPI (Digital Payment).

Q. How do I know my purchases are safe and secure?
Ans. The payment is safe and Payment is accepted through verified known payment gateway.

Q. What is your returna Policy?
Ans. Please check our return policy  at link

Q. How do I pay for a scheduled class?
Ans. Payment for scheduled classes is automated through our system, ensuring seamless transaction processes.

8. System requirement for trainee to start the course

Q. What technical specifications are needed for participation in the course?
Ans. Our courses utilize cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, or Azure for all installations. Detailed information regarding specific utilities required to access technical components on the cloud will be provided.

Q. Will I need to install any software or tools?
Ans. Prior to the start of the class session, you will receive a comprehensive list of required installations to ensure seamless participation in the course.



9. Mode of providing the training

Q. Can I attend online classes from anywhere?
Ans. Yes, our online classes offer flexibility, allowing learners to participate from anywhere with internet access.

Q. How are courses presented to the Learners?
Ans. Our courses are delivered through interactive sessions led by expert instructors.

Q. Will I receive a schedule for tutorials?
Ans. Yes, the tutorial schedule will be provided in advance to help you plan your learning experience effectively.

Q. What equipment or software do I need for online training?
Ans. To participate in online training, you'll need a stable internet connection and may require software such as Zoom for interactive sessions.

Q. Do you offer in-person or onsite training?
Ans. Yes, we provide the option for in-person training sessions at our Gurugram location on weekdays for those who prefer face-to-face learning experiences.

10. Interaction during the training

Q. How can I clarify my doubts during the class?
Ans. There is a chat box, query can be asked. Queries will be addressed during the class. 

Q. What support is available if I miss a session or need to catch up on content?
Ans. Access to recorded sessions and supplementary materials ensures that you can stay up-to-date and easily catch up on any missed content at your convenience.

Q. Do you provide access to a learning management system (LMS) for course resources?
Ans. Yes, individual will get access to LMS.




11. Outcome of Training

Q. What career opportunities are available in the IT industry for Big Data Professionals?
Ans. Big Data Professionals can pursue various job roles such as Chief Data Officer (CDO), Data/Domain Owners, Data Stewards, Data Architects, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and specialists in Data Governance (Legal/Compliance).

Q. How does your training program enhance my job prospects in the IT industry?
Ans. Our meticulously designed courses are tailored to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic IT industry, thereby increasing your employability and career advancement opportunities. We will train enough.

Q. Do you provide a course completion certificate?
Ans. Yes, the relevant certificate will be provided.

12. Career Assistance

Q. Do you provide assistance with resume preparation?
Ans. Yes, we offer personalized support to help candidates craft professional resumes that highlight their skills and experience effectively.

Q. How do you prepare candidates for job interviews?
Ans. Our comprehensive approach includes mock interview sessions designed to simulate real-world job interview scenarios, helping candidates build confidence and readiness for success in their career endeavors.